The Top 5 Slide-Free Challenges You Face

You may have been ecstatic to hear you have an opportunity to present to your boss, senior leadership team, or an important client. But what are the 5 top challenges you should know about? Find out now.

Even if your presentation skills are top notch, you’ll struggle to win over your team to presenting without relying on slides. Here are the top 5 challenges you’ll face to overcome the typical resistance to slide free presenting.

Challenge #1: Not Invented Here

One of the biggest challenges to new ideas is the “not invented here” syndrome. This is a knee-jerk response to brush off ideas, solutions and communication styles that are unfamiliar.

To respond to this challenge, introduce new non-slide reliant methods in team meetings, informal presentations. Allow enough time for this way of presenting to become part of the culture of collaboration and conversation.

In a short time, you won’t have to fight for interactive storytelling. It will be part of the norm and expected process.