The Report on PG Dating Pro Visiting iDate, Miami 2012

Every year, iDate in Miami gathers major CEOs in online dating industry, dating site startups and main dating site owners, top service & software providers, dating affiliates and affiliate networks, matchmakers & dating coaches. This year wasn’t an exception.

In addition, I really enjoyed multiple lectures this year. There were four (!) tracks running at the same time only for dating part of the conference, plus one track for social networking conference. I wish there were more people from Pilot Group with me…

I learned a lot at dating mobile apps session. Dating algorithms panel turned to be a heated debate about matching standards, science behind compatibility and purely matchmaking scripts. Search engines panel from Google and Bing highlighted a lot of opportunities for internet dating promotion. I should say, Bing’s presentation blew Google’s away: new social aspects in search results distribution, possible options for promotion at Bing excited all the delegates and produced a lot of questions. Traditional online dating industry overview for 2011from Mark Brooks was a standing room only.

The best thing was that almost 80% of attendees this year in Miami were new faces. There was a special networking session in exhibit hall during networking break, which allowed me to meet more people in 10 minutes, than I could possible talk to during 3 conference days! Sponsors and exhibitors were payment systems & mobile payments, mobile applications, affiliate networks, white label dating platforms, dating consulting services, analytics software solutions and anti-scam systems. I met some Dating Pro partners in Exhibit Floor, like Skrill (former Moneybookers).