The Art Of Banner Ads

Banner can bring a lots of traffic to the website but the success of a banner is directly proportional to the design, the location and creativity used in the banner. How your banner is linked is also a major concern. Banner is a visual story about your website or about your products, so a banner should be made in such a manner that it should says something unique about your website and force users to click it. Banner Advertisement is a great way of attracting thousand of potential customers to your websites. The first thing to keep in mind is the graphics and the wordings used in the banner, it should be relevant to your website or products. Don’t use flashy type of banner, make them simple. There are many kinds of online banner designing websites where you can create your own banner but I will suggest to make your banner on your own if you have idea of some image editing programs like photoshop or instead hire some designing guy who can make it for you.

2m roller banners
wide roller banner
wide roll up banner

Now we come to the main point “How to get your banner clicked by visitors”. The effective way is to make a banner which is interactive in nature and visitors will surly click it . Your landing page must be well designed so that your conversion for banner ads increases. Don’t try to use GIF images as they are obsolete now. Make your banner appealing, simple and more importantly interactive and you will see that more and more hits will come.