The 4 Reasons Why You Should Make Homemade Dog Food

If your asking yourself if its safe anymore to go down to your local pet store and buy your dog some

premium commercial dog food then you are probably right.

With all the recalls lately there are four reasons you should stop feeding your dog commercial dog food and start making homemade dog food

— They have nasty Chemicals & Preservatives

— The dreaded four D’s (More on this later)

— What do dead zoo animals and Roadkill have

to do with it?

— And what is Sodium Pentobarbital?

There are many more than this. these four things are just a few.

After these four reasons come to light then you’ll see why making your own homemade dog food would be a better route to take.

As you may have guessed there are:

Chemicals & Preservatives in your dogs premium dog food right now.

— The Chemicals & Preservatives in

your dogs premium dog food is very dangerous and causes some diseases that could of been prevented.

When your dog is subject to this stuff it could cause many problems later on down the road,

problems like

Kidney Cancer

Bladder Cancer

Skin Cancer

Stomach Cancer

Spleen Cancer


Liver Dysfunction

Major Organ Failure

Immune System Collapse

Severe Allergic Reactions…


Chronic Diarrhea

Hair Loss


Behavioral Problems which includes increased aggressiveness and this can be a very dangerous

situation for your kids

As you can see by now what can happen if you keep feeding your dog commercial dog food that

is infused with these chemicals & preservatives.

There is another thing that the pet food manufacturers don’t want you to find out


The dog food package labels out there usually have something like All natural or preservative free or something like that.

Well more times than not this is a lie because the pet food manufacturers don’t have to put the chemicals and preservatives on their label if they were put on

before they got to the plant.

If you made your own homemade dog food ofcourse you would’nt have to worry about this.

These Chemicals & Preservatives that are put on these dead animals before they get to the plant cause these things to your dog

The Dreaded 4 Ds





Under the AAFCO this is the agency that tells

the pet food manufacturers what they can and can’t do. Under their guidelines they say its acceptable to put this in your dog’s food

— Livers infested with worms

— Lungs with pneumonia

— Abscesses

— Cancerous material

Once I found this out I knew I had to do something.

Thats when I started making my dogs homemade dog food.

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