Tachograph vehicle become essential products

Automobile market, this can be said to “drive recorder” In addition since the end of 2011, traveling data recorder range of products in the automotive market flowers Jing Fang, sales summary, it is automotive consumer groups for their own driving safety, security awareness-raising and social drive recorder attention drawn to say.

Essential in Europe and the United States: trucks, private cars to force the installation of a “black box”

Europe and the United States and other developed areas, automobile “black box” has long been recognized by consumers and swept a long time, some countries have already expressly provided, the vehicle traveling data recorder can not be driven on the road, whether it is for private cars, school buses, coach cars, as long as motor vehicle must be installed, the drive recorder to play not just shooting the role of the moving picture, the driver of supervision, monitoring also plays an important role in the inside, so, thanks to the popularity of traveling data recorder and the mandatory installation of provisions of the Europe and North America driving accident rate than the country should be small, even as automotive superpower the United States, a major traffic accident rate than the domestic a lot lower.

In China: policy intervention, the tachograph will become the car comes standard with

Traveling data recorder is not a fresh product, as early as 1998 when the country has registered the drive recorder of the product patent, but used car is not yet universal, Pengci party is not rampant, traveling data recorder, and sold, and in 2011 years Yan Hongbin after the incident, the drive recorder market began to suddenly explode, however, see the traveling data recorder records the truth of the power of the people, not just consumers, as well as government departments.

In March 2012 to April, the government promulgated the new requirements of a number of traveling on buses, school buses, fire engines, taxis and other special vehicles specification, of which there is a common requirement is that these vehicles will be road legal driving, you must install the drive recorder. This is the car electronic products, since the After GRS positioning products, the countries second release of express provision needs to be installed.

The author believes that the countries to improve the domestic traffic, and improve the quality of the masses driving an important part of the development trend of the future policy will work with Europe and other regions gradually down the popularity of a specific model, will eventually drive recorder truck essential standard products. To see thousands of community: to restore the truth, and HD dual-recorded camera trend-setting.

Main products: car dvd player and car dvd , are with good quality.

Around the “Peng Yu case before they occur, stay Spinella drive recorder cognitive awareness of film landscape, and some drivers even think that the tachograph is” negative demand “products, the biggest feature is to supervise the driver. From the above in terms of human nature, no one wants to be bound being supervised, not to mention their own money to find their own supervision