Synthetic Lawn Ideas: 12 Stunning Modern Installations

Homeowners may now design and construct stunning synthetic turf in their yards with the help of professionals. Synthetic turf shafts have developed from a sparkling green plastic that can be seen from afar to a lifelike sight that makes it difficult to discern if a lawn is synthetic until you feel it or realize there are no brown areas.

Aim for the star

Artificial grass combined with recent container plantings is ideal for bringing an unexpected splash of greenery to an outdoor living area for city dwellers. No place should feel like a concrete jungle.

Driveway with artificial grass

Artificial turf is used between concrete slabs to create a smooth blend between the driveway and the front entrance, giving the impression of newness and simplicity.

A child’s dream

If the kids throw sand, artificial turf encircling the play area makes it much easier to get it back in. If it wasn’t simply raining, sweeping, or blowing the sand into the wet floor.