Simple Steps to Optimizing Post-Workout Nutrition

Simple Steps to Optimal Post-Workout Nutrition
John M. Berardi is a scientist and PhD candidate in the area of Exercise and Nutritional Biochemistry at the University of Western Ontario,Simple Steps to Optimizing Post-Workout Nutrition Articles Canada. His company, Science Link: Translating Research into Results, specializes in providing integrated training, and nutritional programs for high-level strength and endurance athletes.

Through his consulting businesses, John works with a diverse client population including high-level athletes wanting to win medals and championships. Furthermore, John will be completing his PhD with a specialization in exercise and nutritional biochemistry this fall. To say that this guy knows his stuff is an understatement.

In this issue, we decided to pick John’s oversized brain (no really, he does have an abnormally large head) to get his thoughts on a very important topic – Post Workout Nutrition. John, what have you found to be the biggest mistake in post-workout nutrition by athletes, and female athletes in particular?

John Berardi: The biggest mistake people are making is not doing anything at all about post-workout nutrition! Nutritionally, most people don’t plan for success – not even many of the most elite of the elite that we regularly work with.

I learned this lesson when I started working with a group of Canadian Olympians a few years back. When I spoke with them about their nutrition and supplementation I was flabbergasted with their lack of nutrition knowledge.