On Becoming an Alternative Medical Practitioner

Alternative medicine is typically not covered by health insurance,On Becoming an Alternative Medical Practitioner Articles although acupuncture, massage, and chiropractic have recently gotten the go ahead.

For those of you interested in becoming alternative medicine providers, the practice is divided into seven major categories: Bioelectricmagnetic applications-which include magnet therapy, diet, nutrition, and lifestyle changes (homeopathic practices), herbal medicine, manual healing, ( Chinese medicine, massage, acupuncture) and


Alternative medicine is meant to treat the body holistically-body, mind, and spirit, and is highly based on preventative practices. That is, Alt. med. is geared toward preventing rather than simply treating symptoms of ailments. Actually, only about 30% of the world uses what we call western or modern medicine. The other 70% use holistic or alternative medicine and Americans are just now catching up.

The good news is that American doctors are beginning to see the benefits of alternative forms of therapy and more of them are beginning to add some form of alternative medicine to their practice. “Mainstream” doctors are beginning to refer patients for massage therapy, surgeons are referring to chiropractors. The result is that the terms ”mainstream” and “alternative” are beginning to blur.

Alternative medicine is being used along with other alternative therapies or traditional therapies (called “complimentary”) and reflects a shift in attitude. It seems people are much more accepting of alternative medicine if it is used in conjunction with conventional methods of treatment rather than as an “alternative” or “instead of.”