Newport Beaach Photographer: Use Facebook to Market Effectively

The photography industry is competitive. There are a number of photographers who work hard, are creative and offer value rich packages; however a number of these photographers are still struggling to make ends meet. Often the key to success for photographers is effective marketing. Facebook is a free online medium for marketing that is particularly effective in the photography industry. Facebook, and the web in general, allows people to actually experience the company’s products – not just see or hear a description of those products. This article describes how a photographer can succeed at marketing through the use of Facebook.

1. The first step is a photographer needs to create a Facebook account. This is a place where others can come to learn more about the photographer and what he does.

2. The second step is to upload some of the photographer’s best work to their Facebook graduation photographer page. Facebook allows for the uploading of photo galleries. With these galleries in place, when people come to the photographers page they will be able to get a large sampling of his abilities.

3. The photographer should then ask a client before or during his shoot if the photographer can, for free, tag one of his best images to his client’s Facebook account. This will allow all of the people registered as the client’s “Friend” to see the posted image. This could quite literally give the photographer exposure to hundreds if not thousands of people. These people will know that their friend used the photographer to have their portraits done. This will lend credibility and trust to the photographer.

4. The photographer should continue to gather his own “Friends” after a period of time, the photographer will have a significant following. Each time the photographer posts an image all of his friends – many of whom will be former clients will see the image and be reminded of the service the photographer provides.

There are a number of people working to succeed in the photography industry. Those who market effectively will usually succeed, while those who don’t will struggle to make ends meet.