Never get a Flat Tire Again

When it comes to getting a flat tire, it always seems to be when your in a hurry to go somewhere, it’s raining, bitter cold or hot and humid outside. We have all had it happen to us if you’ve been driving for awhile. The next obstacle to overcome is knowing where everything is like the spare tire, jack, and lug wrench. You will find that tire sealants are the secret to give you peace of mind while helping the environment at the same time. Most people think of fix a flat that you buy in a aerosol can which is all sticky and gets hard over time. These tire sealants you will read about have great qualities and will save us all money if used.

If you never had a flat tire in the car that your driving, it becomes a search and conquer mission to find all the needed tools to accomplish your task. Having been in the car business for over twenty years, most people have no clue even where the jack is anymore. Most all vehicles come with Roadside assistance when you purchase a new car. They also offer warranties that offer roadside assistance and of course there is Triple A . Let’s assume for a moment that it’s either late at night in a not so nice part of town, or you can not get cell phone reception, or your traveling cross country and just out in the middle of nowhere hundreds of miles from anywhere. OK, you’ve got the point. It’s up to you to change the tire.

Back twenty years ago most all cars had bumper jacks which all worked the same. There was always the particular moment where you would scratch your head wondering how it went together if it was broken down into pieces. Once together though, you would stick the small straight end of the tire iron into the main part of the jack housing and use your typical pumping action up and down which would jack up the vehicle rather quickly.

The new jacks now are pretty much the same using the scissor jack which has to be positioned in a specific slot for it to work correctly which does cause a problem if the car is not sitting on flat solid ground. Solid is the key word here. The scissor jack, because it has to fit into a small area in the vehicle can only open so far. If your jacking the car up on grass or mud, you will have to put something long and flat underneath the jack so it will not sink from the weight of the vehicle.

It wasn’t long ago every car or truck came with a full size spare tire which was great because you could change your tire, put the hub cap back on the tire you just put on and head down the road as if nothing ever happened. You can travel at normal highway speeds which is a concern especially if you had the flat tire on the freeway or interstate. Now days, it is rare to get a full size spare in anything other then a luxury car and they are few and far in between also. We now have the doughnut as they are called which look completely ridiculous and you can only travel at speeds of forty five to fifty miles an hour with them. Because of this, you really need to go to the nearest tire store and either get your tire repaired or have to buy a new one so you can feel safe to drive normally again.

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All this being said, there are tire sealants on the market to prevent you from getting a flat tire because you ran over a nail, glass, or road debris. Tires are porous so they are continually losing air. The tire sealants will immediately seal the puncture to prevent any air loss in your tires and at the same time it will even seal rim leaks. By having the proper air pressure in your tires , your tires will run cooler which in turn will give you better gas mileage allowing your tires to generally lasts 25% longer. There are good sealants and bad ones. The bad ones will harden and glob up becoming sticky which will throw your tire out of balance causing vibration. When this happens the sealant is no longer working correctly and will not seal the tire if punctured.

The good tire sealants have special properties in them that keep the sealant liquid for the life of the tire always giving you the optimum protection to keep your tires running smoothly while providing it’s sealant ability to seal all punctures. We all here about saving energy every where we go but air pressure in a tire isn’t even on the radar. According to tire manufactures, it takes seventeen gallons of oil to make one car tire, and it takes 22 gallons of oil for a truck tire. Retreads take seven gallons. One way to cut down on oil consumption, is to stop making so many tires. Just think if everyone kept the proper air pressure in their tires and all of our tires lasted twenty five percent longer versus an under inflated tire roughly. Also by maintaining the correct air pressure, a vehicle will achieve three to five percent better fuel mileage per the national automobile association. That would be an incredible difference. It would relate to millions on gallons of oil, not to mention the money it would save us all. The government and racing industry have been using this secret since 1969, and was even used on the lunar land rover for the moon landing. They sure didn’t need a flat tire up there.