iOS Apps vs. Android Apps Which App to Developing First


If you don’t have the resources to develop iPhone apps and Android apps together, the long-asked question of which mobile app market to develop maybe a little more obvious than you think.

Depending on your needs and strategy for developing your app, a particular platform may be better to develop first.

Below are four topics to keep in mind when deciding which mobile app store to develop first.

Mobile traffic

Before deciding which mobile app store to develop for it, it’s a good idea to see which devices drive the most traffic to your mobile website.

If you see mobile users visiting your website more frequently from iPhone than from Samsung Galaxy and HTC Droid, it is recommended that you start your mobile app development towards Apple App Store. On the other hand, if iPhone is the minority of your traffic, Android maybe your market of choice.

If your mobile traffic figures are too close to make a clear decision, below are other factors that can help you decide where your mobile app development should begin.

Tablet friendly

The worldwide tablet market share is vastly different, with the gains going towards Android tablets. However, when considering a tablet in terms of app usage, the iPad takes the cake. Having said that, it’s recommended that iOS be developedfor the iPad first if your strategy is heavily focused on tablet use.


If your app strategy involves earning income by charging users for downloading apps, there are a few things to consider.

iOS users are more willing to pay for apps and pay in-app purchases than those users in the Android market. If you expect users to buy your app or items in your app, focus on iOS first.

In terms of paid app downlo