German Wirehaired Pointer: Breed Facts & Care

Originating from the verdant expanses of Germany, this breed, also admired as the Drahthaar, presents a striking figure with its distinctive wiry coat and impressive stature. With German Wirehaired Pointer care focused on leveraging their natural hunting prowess and lively disposition, these dogs require an engaged and active lifestyle. Acquainting yourself with comprehensive German Wirehaired Pointer breed information is the first step towards fostering a thriving relationship with these energetic companions.
Esteemed for their vigorous personality and loyalty, German Wirehaired Pointers make for devoted pets and skillful hunters. The historical tapestry of their breed whispers of meticulous development in Germany’s late 19th century, with a rich blend of ancestors like the skillful pudelpointer and the hardy Polish water dog. Despite their modest popularity in America, they are celebrated in Germany as one of the most popular breeds to grace the hunting scene. Size-wise, the males generally boast a stature reaching 25 inches and weighing approximately 70 pounds, while their female counterparts subtly command attention at 24 inches and 60 pounds.