Five Steps to Simple Room Redecoration

For many homeowners,Five Steps to Simple Room Redecoration Articles making the decision to redecorate a room is much easier than knowing what to do first. Ultimately, some folks don’t make any design changes at all because they’re afraid of making a mistake. Don’t worry! As long as you are committed to your project and willing to follow some simple directions, you can change the look of your room very inexpensively. We’ll assume that your project is the living area, it is currently furnished, and you have a budget of up to $150.

The first way to redecorate is to change the wall color. Paint is not expensive, is available in thousands of colors and is one of the simplest methods to refresh and update the look of a room. Do you like to make a bold statement with your fashion and design choices? Then you may be the type of person who will enjoy more color on the walls of their room. If you prefer the quiet, understated look of fashion and design, you might be happier with a subtle wash of wall color. There are also many color choices inbetween these that are equally beautiful. Just be sure to make the decision as to how much color you can tolerate on the walls before purchasing the paint!

The second simple way to redecorate a room is by rearranging the furniture, and it doesn’t cost a thing! I’m guessing that more than a few readers of this article have not moved the furniture in some rooms for a long, long time, and that’s okay. If, however, you are serious about updating the look of a room, it may be time to roll up your shirtsleeves and start moving things around in this room! For example, switch the location of your sofa and chairs. If your room size will allow, pull your sofa away from the wall and angle it toward the entertainment center and/or a nice view out of a window. Experiment with different arrangements of your furniture. It might take some time (and muscle power) but the result will be worth the effort.

You can make some rather substantial changes to the look of a room by changing out the small pieces. One option could be to switch the location of the end tables in this room, and introduce a different lamp. You may decide to purchase a new lamp, keep an existing lamp from the room or bring in a lamp from another area of your home. However you choose to accomplish this, the result is a new and different look for a small investment, and possibly no cost at all. If your project is a guest bedroom, play with the idea of bringing in a piece or two from another room for a different look. Everything in the room does not have to match to look great.

The fourth option to simply and inexpensively redecorate a room is to change the accessories. Take all of the pictures and other ‘stuff’ you have off of the walls and start over again with a fresh eye. It’s best to literally remove the existing wall decor from the room. Get it out of your eyesight as you consider new options for wall accents. Try pictures and wall accessories that you may have in other areas of your home, or purchase one or two new items. Consider introducing a color accent with these accessories that would be a fresh look for the room.

For the final step, let’s take a look at the floor in this room. I’m not suggesting putting down a completely new floor. That is a different discussion and budget! Think about how you can bring color and interest into the space with the addition of area rugs and throw rugs. They can be used at the entry to, or exit from a room, under a dining or cocktail table, in front of an interesting accent piece, etc. Rugs in smaller sizes can be very economical to purchase when you shop around, including online sources. Try this tip and you may get hooked on accent rugs!

Any one of these simple and economical changes can bring new life, drama and interest to a room. Of course, utilizing a combination of several, or all, of these suggestions is even more effective. Have fun and enjoy your newly redecorated room!