Earn your degree at ITT Tech

While some people prefer to attend traditional universities to pursue their degrees,Earn your degree at ITT Tech Articles others are more comfortable going to a school that focuses on a specific field. ITT Technical Institute was launched in order to cater to prospective students who desired training in technical fields. Of course, students are provided with a foundation of studies that offer a balanced education. But, they are also quickly exposed to a curriculum that requires an application of technical concepts.

In offering this type of learning environment, ITT Tech is able to educate and produce a crop of well-trained and technically-able graduates who are ready to launch their careers.

A Brief History Of ITT Tech

The school was originally founded in 1946. At the time, it was known as Educational Services, Inc. and was operated as a for-profit venture. In 1969, the company was renamed to ITT Tech and relocated to Carmel, Indiana. There, it operated as a subsidiary company of ITT Corporation. Though ITT Corp. had sold all of its shares in ITT Tech by 1999, the school continues to use the name in accordance with a licensing agreement.

Today, ITT Tech operates campuses in over 30 states and draws thousands of students from across the nation.

Accreditation At ITT Tech

There are 2 sides to the accreditation status of ITT Technical Institute. First, the school is accredited nationwide by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS). However, that status does not currently include regional accreditation. Ultimately, that means if students wish to pursue a higher degree at any institution that is not an ITT Tech Institute, the credits earned at ITT Tech may not be allowed to transfer. Transfer of credits should be discussed with an admissions counselor at the receiving school.

What Courses Are Offered?

Tech Tips and Tricks
How to fix error
Android Tips and Tricks
iPhone Tips and Tricks
Latest Technology
Youtube Tips
Youtube TV Start Tips and Tricks

There are currently 6 schools of training at ITT Tech. They include the Schools of Information Technology, Business, Drafting and Design, Electronics Technology, Health Sciences and Criminal Justice. Within each school, students can choose from a number of educational disciplines. For example, within the School of Information Technology, students can choose to pursue a degree in information systems, software engineering, or data communications systems. Most of the 6 schools currently offer Bachelors and Associates degrees as well as online courses.

Controversy And Debate Surrounding ITT Tech

There have been a few controversial events surrounding ITT Tech during the last few years. The company has undergone federal investigation regarding data reflecting the retention, placement and attendance records of students as well as their grades. Though no charges were filed against the institution, the investigation led many to wonder about the convergence of education and a for-profit company.

Making The Decision To Attend

If you’re interested in earning a degree through an education focused on technology, take the time to explore what ITT Tech can offer. While some students may prefer traditional classes that don’t offer such hands-on application of technological concepts, others will find that such an experience is both enriching and rewarding.