Discover Multiple Uses for Acrylic Bins

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Acrylic bins have multiple uses for many kinds of business. Major chain restaurants, specialty food shops like bakeries and ice cream parlors, grocery stores, convenience stores, toy stores, gift shops, bookstores, and many other kinds of establishments can use acrylic bins to both store and display a variety of merchandise types.

Not sure about how you can use acrylic bins in your business, but pretty sure you want to? Consider the following ideas – they might even help you think of more ways these bins can benefit your business!

Use Acrylic Bins to Display Edible Merchandise

Bakery cabinets, bagel bins, dry food dispensers, gravity bins – these are all versions of acrylic bins you can use to display food items.

These kinds of bins are designed to keep food fresh and safe from debris, and depending on the kind of food item you’re displaying you can also use accessories like aluminum or plastic scoops or tongs (some bins include them) as well as lids.

Acrylic Bins Are Great for Non-Edible Merchandise, Too!

Because acrylic bins are available in such a wide assortment of styles, it’s easy to find bins perfect for non-edible items like children’s toys, costume jewelry, sewing supplies, and craft items, as well as convenience items like lighters and matchbooks, wallet picture inserts, key chains, and emergency items like eyeglass repair kits and travel-sized bottles of shampoo, tubes of toothpaste, and toothbrushes.

Consider Behind-the-Scenes Uses for Acrylic Bins

Acrylic containers are great for creating merchandise displays, but because of the wide variety of styles and sizes available, they’re also great for storing items under your countertop or in your stockroom.

Find the Best Value for Acrylic Bins

The number of acrylic bins you order for your business will obviously depend on the amount of merchandise and the kind of merchandise you play to display in the bins and, chances are, you’re going to need more than just a few bins.

Once you’re ready to purchase acrylic bins for your business, consider these tips:

Browse companies that offer wide selections of acrylic containers. You might only need one or two different kinds of containers, but if you’re pleased with the containers and the company, chances are you’ll want to order from the company again. If you choose a company that offers numerous kinds of acrylic containers, they company will be more likely to meet your needs next time, should you decide you need other kinds of containers.
Look for companies that offer true wholesale prices. Many companies claim to sell display fixtures like acrylic containers and bins at wholesale prices, but that doesn’t mean they do. Compare the “wholesale” prices from several different companies and choose the one that offers a price that works with your budget.
Find companies that provide quick shipping services. This is merely for your own convenience. How fast a company ships your products doesn’t necessarily reflect on the quality or price of the products, but it does work to ensure you’ll get your items as quickly as possible, each and every time.