Different types of protection offered by an auto insurance policy

The coverage area of the comprehensive auto insurance policy is very wide. This offers protection to you and pays you with a deductible you choose in the event of an accidental loss to your car if it is stolen, vandalized or is encountered with natural disaster.

Collision coverage

This provides protection for the damages to the policy holder’s car in case it meets an accident with another car. This coverage reimburses the full cost of repairs and replacement of your car. These coverages are however very expensive.

Uninsured or Under insured Motorist Coverage

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Car owners who purchase cheap auto insurance policy are usually under insured and they do not get the required money to pay for the losses if they are involved in accident. Costs of uninsured or under insured motorist coverage vary state wise and taking out this auto insurance policy is optional. This policy pays for injury to you and the passengers in your car caused by an accident for which your driver is at fault. If you encounter an accident as a pedestrian, you are also protected. At the time of purchasing an auto insurance policy, you must compare the quotes for uninsured or under insured motorist coverage from different companies.

Bodily injury liability

This provides protection to bodily injury. This offers coverage if the driver causes bodily damage to someone else.

Personal injury protection

This provides protection to the driver and the passengers if they are injured in an accident. This provides you the protection in terms of the lost wages, cost of treatment, replacement costs and funeral costs. You can conduct an on line research to find the best auto insurance rates.

Property damage liability

If your car is responsible for damages to others’ property, this policy provides you the necessary protection. When you purchase an auto insurance policy, make sure that the policy provides this protection also.
While purchasing an auto insurance policy, it is recommended that you should do necessary research so as to find the best auto insurance quote.