Content-rich website setup

Audience of the web site
Purpose of the web site
URL of the web site
Navigation hierarchy
This may seem like an enormous task at first, but don’t worry it is much easier than you might think. Let’s take each one in the list and briefly analyze each.

Audience of the web site

First and foremost, when you have come up with your brilliant idea of a web site, you have to carefully consider who your audience is going to be. For instance, is the audience going to be primarily young people, businesses, pet owners, teachers, or maybe government officials?

Once you have determined who your desired primary audience is, it will become much easier to maintain consistency throughout your site.

Purpose of the web site

Now, let’s say that you have decided that you want to build a site that is about PlayStation 2 games and your primary audience is going to be 14-25 year olds. Now you need to determine what the purpose of the web site is going be.

Your purpose needs to be specific but at the same time flexible, as your site will grow, you might actually decide to change the primary purpose.

For our example let’s say the purpose of your new web site is to inform young people about all the new PlayStation 2 games that have been release and also provide members lists of cheats to those games.

Now you have set your purpose. You want to assist young people by providing the game cheats so that they might be able to win a few of those PlayStation 2 games.

URL of the web site

Choosing the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of your new web site is a bit more difficult as you might have to do a little research. You need to determine what the name of your site should be. Now there are several ways to do this.

Name the site after your purpose
Name the site after keywords that people use to find PlayStation 2 cheats
Name the site related to your audience
Or all of the above
So let’s think about this, our audience is young people, we are providing PlayStation 2 cheats, then perhaps an ideal name for the site would be or or or even You should be getting the idea now.