Close Deals in Record Time!

Remember back when the ability to create a slide show
presentation using PowerPoint was cutting-edge technology?
PowerPoint presentations changed the way that companies and
seminars did business. It was easy to take along your
presentation material; just grab your laptop and go. Sound and
visual effects, fancy screen designs, bulleted features –
presentations had it all.

Everybody had a PowerPoint presentation. Those who didn’t use
this type of presentation material really felt the pressure to
conform. Plus it wasn’t difficult to see how bored their
audiences were becoming with nothing visual to hold their

When the technology bubble burst a few years back, and the
after-effects of 911 dealt a serious blow to the economy,
business travel budgets became practically non-existent. At the
same time, globalization was becoming the new buzzword. To stay
in business and be better able to conduct business globally, more
and more companies developed websites. Other advances in
technology helped reign in and at the same time expand the global

Today, slide show presentations still are valuable sales and
marketing tools used by all types of large, small and even
home-based businesses. They’re also a favorite of anyone giving a