Chinese cosmetics marketing road

These phenomena are a major obstacle to hinder the sales of these enterprises to enhance fatigue. It is also a major source made this enterprise hard to earn money.


With the enhancement of consumer brand awareness and consumer attitudes, many companies in ad spending under the premise that if neither the clear market positioning, and unique products to conquer the world, in today’s competitive market, the take-all market would ultimately eat less, eat well, so its sales landslide is also reasonable.

For existing product line, cosmetics raw material suppliers do a sales analysis of the data. It respectively discharges the sales ranking sheet and profit contribution Ranking table, combined with the consultation of market opinion, the first of each brand product line of thin, cut the poor sales and low profit contribution, and similar concepts and selling redundant products, product mix rationalization gradually; to find out the great sales and good profit products at the same time as the object of focus on the main push, do focus on training. The fight caused by the star of a single product astaxanthin. Increase the characteristics of a single product development. Advantage of brand influence the second and third tier brands in characteristics to create a single product focus and work hard through the characteristics of a single product to boost overall sales. In the future new product development, cosmetic raw material suppliers must first consider the product development, market positioning, was sold to which consumer groups intend to how to sell, and then go to the planning product line, while the choice of product packaging bottles and packaging design The recipe ingredients must be closely around its start.

The layout of the market in many enterprises to playing its brand to a national brand, to enhance and compared with the size of a large coverage, this strategy is not uncommon in the industry, but in practice it did not. Deciding to do a regional brand, or do a national brand and enterprise resource allocation, ultimately depends on the size of their own strength. SMEs do not have enough strength to take-all national market will inevitably lead to extensive cultivation and high operating costs. According to the marketing of the 20:80 rule, 80 percent of sales from 20% of the market, if the SMEs to adopt a market focus strategy, 80% of the energy and resources into the basis of a good 20% of the market, and intensive to do the big fish in a small pond. The return of its sales and profits must objectively.