Cannabidiol for Quitting Smoking and Drug Withdrawals

There are about a million people in the world today that suffer from smoking-related diseases and drug withdrawals. The addiction from nicotine and drugs is something that can’t be erased by a swish of a magic wand. However, with the right guidance from a doctor (and discipline), it is not impossible to be a champion against these circumstances.

Recently, some studies suggest that CBD can help curb the addiction to smoking and control the symptoms of drug withdrawal. If you’re looking for ways to control your nicotine addiction and drug withdrawal symptoms, here’s what you need to know about CBD oil.

CBD oil to quit smoking

In a study done in 2013, researches wanted to know the effects of inhaled CBD on a nicotine addict. The whole test lasted for a week, and the subject’s number was 24. Every time a user itches for nicotine, he or she is given CBD instead. By the end of the research, half of these numbers reduced their nicotine addiction by 40%.

With this, it is possibly apt to use CBD oil whenever you feel like smoking. Commonly, CBD inhalants are more appropriate than CBD oil in these types of cases.

CBD oil for drug withdrawal symptoms

Every day, somebody in the world dies because of a drug-related overdose. Drug addiction can start with consuming an addictive drug, but for most people, they start with pain killers. Pain killers are like gateway drugs. Once an addict is deprived of drugs, he or she will start to manifest withdrawal symptoms. Some of these withdrawal symptoms are characterized by headaches, body twitches, stomach pain, change in mood, irritability, insomnia, and more.

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CBD is poised to be a new alternative substance in controlling drug-related withdrawal symptoms. CBD oil’s effect on the endocannabinoid system makes it a potential candidate for curbing withdrawal symptoms. Most of the withdrawal symptoms of drugs are affected and controlled by the endocannabinoid system.

CBD oil for withdrawal symptoms can be used in many ways. CBD oil can be simply added to food and beverage. You can add it in your daily morning coffee or put it in your dinner soup. Just make sure that you are only the one that’s going to eat the CBD oil-laced food. CBD oil can be taken purely as drops.

In relieving yourself from drug-related withdrawal symptoms, try to ask your doctor for the correct dosage of CBD oil. Your doctor knows about your condition the most. Therefore, he can advise you well.

Final thought

CBD can theoretically help in curbing nicotine addiction and drug-related withdrawal symptoms. However, try to research more about CBD oil and its effects on people plagued with substance addiction. Better yet, ask your doctor’s advice and assistance for this matter.