Can We Talk Frankly About Resale Rights?

In the last 2 issues we looked at creating your own products
and services. If you missed those, you can read then on-line
at Today, let’s look
at a shortcut to getting your own product. Let’s examine
buying reprint rights.

I’ve been in business on-line since 1997 and I have only
purchased 1 set of reprint rights that I marketed. I have
gotten rights to lots of products as a bonus or had them
given to me. Get reprint rights to the right product and you’re
set to generate a steady income stream for a long time. Buy
the wrong reprint rights and you’re just out of your time and

When considering buying reprint rights to a product, the
most important factor is the demand for the product. If
nobody wants the product, everything else is irrelevant.
So I personally will only consider reprint rights for a
product I would consider buying in the first place.

A little acknowledged FACT is the reason reprint rights are
often offered for products is because the owner isn’t making
any money on the product itself. Offering reprint rights for
many products actually decrease their value in the mind of
potential buyers. Therefore, if a product is selling briskly at
retail, it would usually be unwise to offer reprint rights.
Consider this when looking for products to buy reprint rights

Another reason reprint rights are often offered for a product
is because the product’s creator wants to benefit from the viral
effect. He is willing to forgo a large upfront profit to benefit
from backend sales or publicity. These are generally products
that contain links back to the person selling them embedded
within the product. If the product is nothing more than a bunch
of affiliate links then these links need to be brandable to
make reprint rights to that product a potentially worthwhile

What does make a great product to buy reprint rights to?
I recently conducted a tele-seminar on using pay-per-click
search engines. The tele-seminar was very profitable and
generated a product I could resell. Shortly after that
experience I confirmed that there were a lot of people who
would buy an info product on how to conduct tele-seminars
and regular seminars. So I considered writing such a product
based upon my experiences.