Buying RC cars largely depends on a person’s budget

It is quite obvious that larger models of RC cars will cost more especially those of nitro RC cars as well as gas powered ones. This is what is to be kept in mind in your final decision. The market today has various small scale models of RC cars that are suitable for children of all ages. The large scale models of RC cars suitable only for adult hobbyists.

With regard to the size of the RC cars, you need to consider the power of battery as well as the length of time for which it can actually run. Battery is a big problem when it comes to RC electric cars as these run out pretty quickly as compared to fuel that is used in the case of the nitro cars and the gas powered cars. Although the capacity of the batteries has been increasing, but they are still not as efficient as the RC hobbyists would like them to be. Also, the large sized vehicles will need more power in order to drive through the terrain. Thus the large sized electric RC will need much larger batteries. But still these batteries don’t last long and their charging will take long and you will get 15 minutes of actual use.

This is why many large scale models of these electric cars are even being used as collector items for children. People find real play time in gas powered as well as nitro cars where they experience more fun and excitement due to the feel as well as smell from the exhaust while they are driving these RC cars in terrain. The radio controlled cars today do not use wires in order to hold the remote control the way they used to. Also, the rechargeable batteries can be considered as an extra expense for the electric RC cars.