8 Benefits of CBD Oil and Its Uses

Below are the many benefits of using CBD oil:


1) Pain Relief: Marijuana has been used to treat pain for almost 5000 years and just recently it was discovered that the components of CBD contribute to pain relieving effects. Chronic pain may be significantly reduced by reducing inflammation and interacting with the neurotransmitters in our bodies. Many types of pain have been studied with positive results, including; multiple sclerosis, arthritis, muscle and joint pain as well as spasms.

2) Alleviate Cancer Symptoms: Many symptoms or side effects from cancer and its treatments may be greatly reduced using this method for pain, vomiting and nausea. A few studies have even concluded that CBD could contain anticancer properties as well as killing breast cancer cells in animals.

3) Reduce Depression and Anxiety; these mental health disorders can have devastating impacts on ones health, quality of life and all around well-being. These disorders are generally treated with pharmaceuticals with several side effects including; sleepiness, insomnia, agitation, irritability, headaches and sexual dysfunction; many being additive. The proper dosage of CBD oil significantly reduced anxiety in a group of individuals that were tested in a public speaking environment.

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4) Heart Conditions: these oils have been linked to the benefit of heart and circulatory systems including lowering ones blood pressure. High blood pressure has been connected to a variety of health conditions, including heart attacks and strokes. By lowering one’s blood pressure, the probability of heart conditions and other health concerns are decreased, adding to a greater quality of life.


5) Reduction of Skin Conditions, such as acne. The anti-inflammatory components found in CBD oils have been found to reduce the unsightly acne breakouts.

6) Diabetes has also been tested and has shown signs of reduced incidences as well as inflammation reduction.

7) Epilepsy in children as well as adults; CBD oils have the ability to reduce the number of seizures that an individual may have and in some cases end them altogether.