5 Additional Ways You Can Use Plastic Containers for Candy Stores

As the owner or manager of a candy store, you’re undoubtedly quite familiar with how useful plastic containers and acrylic bins are when it comes to creating displays. However, how familiar are you with all the other ways you can use these display fixtures?1. Display Other Kinds of MerchandiseSometimes, candy isn’t the only kind of merchandise customers can find in a candy store, and if you sell other kinds of items you can use plastic containers and acrylic bins to display them!To get started, consider creating point-of-purchase displays, or POP displays, near your store’s checkout counter and register. You can include in the displays small kinds of products that – although they might not be types of candy – will still be products that will appeal to your customers. (For example, if your store sees much traffic from families with children, you might want to create POP displays of small children’s toys like bouncy balls.) Plastic containers are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and styles, so it’s easy to find the ones that will best fit on your store’s checkout counter.2. Store ItemsPlastic containers and acrylic bins work remarkably well as storage tools. Because you can find them in so many varieties, and because it’s easy to pass them down from display fixtures to storage fixtures, it’s easy to find the perfect containers for your


storage needs, i.e., containers that will comfortably hold the items you want to store as well as containers you can comfortably situate in any of your storage areas. 3. Organize ItemsJust as they work well as storage tools, plastic containers and acrylic bins work well as organizational tools.You can situate your containers under or behind your countertops to organize items your associates use often, or you can use them in your store’s manager’s office to organize office supplies on the desk, on shelves, and – depending on the sizes of the bins – inside your desk and cabinet drawers.4. Offer DonationsAlthough they’re extremely durable and versatile, there will come a time when you just won’t need certain plastic containers anymore. Maybe they have a few scratches, or you’ve just decided to create new displays with new fixtures. Perhaps you’ve already put all the bins you can to use as storage or organizational tools and simply don’t have room for any more.In these situations, consider donating your extra plastic containers and acrylic bins to similar kinds of stores that are just getting started, or nonprofits, charities, and other organizations with budgets that might not allow for purchasing brand new fixtures.5. Collect DonationsFinally, if you have no other use for your plastic containers, consider hanging on to them to collect donations.Aside from the common “Give a penny, take a penny” display many storeowners keep on their checkout counters near the registers, consider keeping a few plastic containers and acrylic bins handy for when local organizations or charities ask if they can set up a donation spot on your counter or somewhere else in your store.